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The comedy podcast that sees how movies, and our memories, stand the test of time.

Mar 27, 2021

ISTYA T J Hooker Review

This week we go for a ridealong with William Shatner as he teaches the young rookie cops a thing or two about running around and hanging out in strip clubs. 

Join us for T J Hooker. 


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Mar 20, 2021

Driving Miss Daisy ISTYA Michael Fremer

This week we're joined by audio-expert, movie editor, voiceover artist, Tron soundman and cartoon African Lioness Michael Fremer. It's a mad one where we get deep into racial issues, hear his amazing stories, and watch a movie too.

Join us for...Driving Miss Daisy

*TRIGGER WARNING* The movie subject does cause plenty...

Mar 13, 2021

ISTYA Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

This week Martyn offers up one of his all-time favourite TV shows. What will Joe think?

Join us for Garth Marenghi's Darkplace


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Mar 7, 2021

ISTYA 293 Quatermass and the Pit

This week we're joined by prop, set and costume designer Mark Cordory who leads us into the strange lands of a classic British Sci-Fi movie from the 1960s. 

Join us for Quatermass and the Pit

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